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KCCA Nelson Visit a Great Success

七月九日周六上午,来自不同家庭的七十多名中美朋友,在开馆前就早早的聚集在纳尔逊-阿特金斯艺术博物馆门口,等待着中国馆资深馆长科林.麦肯齐(马林)博士的带领,参观正在展出的《春花到秋霜: 東亞藝術中的四季》画展,以及随后对全馆的浏览。




The Kansas City Chinese Association (KCCA) is active in promoting cultural exchanges highlighting the diversity of the region. KCCA strives to be proactive in arranging special occasions to further educate the community on all things China. On Saturday, July 9, KCCA hosted an opportunity for its members and friends to learn about the holdings of the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, located in Kansas City, Missouri. Over sixty enthusiastic spectators turned to attend the guided presentation of the precious artifacts at this venue.

The tour was led by Dr. Colin Mackenzie, senior curator of Chinese art at the museum. Dr. Mackenzie is a leading expert on Chinese art, and along with his talented wife is a strong supporter of KCCA activities. He provided extensive and engaging context for each of the exhibits featured on the tour. The group especially focused on the museum’s Chinese galleries. The Nelson-Atkins Museum is especially noted for its world-class collection of Chinese art, unparalleled in many ways in comparison to other museums on the East Coast or even in China proper.

The Chinese collection includes displays representing the best of the museum’s over 7000 artifacts spanning the entire 5000-year range of Chinese history. Among the highlights that can be viewed are a hu wine vessel of the Shang Dynasty (circa 1000 B.C.) and masterworks such as Xu Daoning’s Fisherman’s Evening Song and Li Cheng’s A Solitary Temple Amid Clearing Peaks. But the not-to-miss center of the entire Asian collection is the Chinese Temple Gallery, a solemn reconstructed Buddhist temple with gates and incredible wall frescoes obtained by the Museum in the 1930s, fortuitously soas the portions of it that remained in China were wiped out by decades of global and civil warfare. The jewel of the exhibit is the 12th-century polychrome wooden figure of Guanyin of the Southern Sea, heralded as the finest sculpture of its type extant any where outside China.

A docent joined the diehards among the KCCA group and offered an abbreviated tour of other notable collections throughout the museum. Certainly, it could take days to fully appreciate all of the artifacts exhibited in its lavish halls. KCCA members greatly appreciated the opportunity for cultural enrichment, and highly recommended the experience to anyone else interested in Chinese culture. For those wishing to see the collections on their own, the Museum is open every day Wednesdays-Sundays 10a.m.-5p.m., with extended hours on Thursday and Friday. There is no charge to enter the museum, thus making it one of the best values for any intended family outing.