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堪城华人协会(KCCA)和纳尔逊-阿特金斯艺术博物馆诚邀您前往参观《春花到秋霜: 東亞藝術中的四季》画展,展出的画都是東亞館藏中的精品,由中国馆资深馆长科林.麦肯齐(马林)博士亲自讲解,观看展览后,将带领大家对全馆进行观光。欢迎大家踊跃参加,特别是各年龄段的学生,以丰富假期业余生活。为更好的安排接待工作,请大家通过在文章最后的留言板回复报名。

集合时间 (When):星期六,七月九日,上午九点四十五分
集合地点 (Where):新建筑 (Bloch) 大厅问询台附近 Information desk at the Bloch Lobby (new building)
停车地点 (Parking):There is free parking outside in the north lot north of the plaza.
博物馆地址:4525 Oak Street, Kansas City, MO 64111
博物馆平面图 (Map):http://www.nelson-atkins.org/visit/map/


“The generative forces of Heaven and Earth crystallize, gradually unfolding the four seasons and morning and evening.” – Shitao, Chinese artist (1642-1707)

"Flowers to Frost: Four Seasons in East Asian Art" - In East Asian culture the four seasons are regarded as an expression of the cycles of nature and a harmonious universe. For centuries they have inspired artists in China, Japan and Korea, who often added poetic inscriptions to their art. Whether portraying flowers, landscapes or seasonal activities, these artists evoke emotion and activate our senses. Their art goes beyond literal depiction, becoming meditations on the passing of time and our connection to nature.

This exhibition features various works by the artists from each culture. Chinese painters convey seasonal references through brushwork and poetry. Japanese woodblock-print artists embed seasonal colors and hues into the vibrant images. Today, a Korean artist reinvigorates the celebration of the seasons with a work of lively video art.