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KCCA Supports for
Ceramic Artists International Exchange Program

KCCA, one of the sponsors of the International Sculpture Foundation (ISF) has been supporting for Chinese-KS Ceramic Artists International Exchange Program. During March 9th to 20th, an artistic delegation from China, including 13 artists and 2 journalists, had a pre-conference workshops at the KU Lawrence Campus, and attended the 50th Anniversary Conference of the National Council on Education for Ceramic Arts (NCEC) at Kansas City. The Chinese artists shared and demonstrated their artistic ideas and technical skills with over 200 ceramic artists from around the world.
To align with the KCCA’s mission, KCCA was part of planning this event from the beginning. KCCA worked with ISF to organize daily activities and provide volunteers for support as well. The leaders of two organizations had meetings to discuss potential future cooperation on how to promote Chinese culture in Greater Kansas City area, and laid out a good plan.

堪城华人协会(KCCA)作为国际雕塑基金会(ISF)的合作伙伴之一,参与了这次中国陶艺艺术家国际交流项目的活动。在3月9日到20日之间,一个包括13位艺术家和2名随行记者在内的来自中国大陆的陶艺艺术家代表团,先后访问了堪萨斯大学劳伦斯校园,进行了艺术创作,随后参加了在堪萨斯城举办的第五十届全美陶艺教育和艺术家协会的年会。中国艺术家们和来自全世界的五千多位陶艺艺术家们分享和展示了他们的艺术理念、技能及作品。KCCA 为这次活动提供了志愿者服务和其它方面的支援,两个组织也商谈了如何在未来共同合作在大堪城地区宣传中华文化。