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KCCA New President Announcement

On 1/31/2015, James Dressler has been elected to be the new president of KCCA after voted by all the current board members. The current president, Chunming Ma, started serving KCCA as a committee member in 2010 and has been the KCCA president since 2011. The board recognizes and appreciates Mr. Ma's dedication and hard work contributed to KCCA and the local Chinese community for the past few years. Now, Mr. Ma has finished his tenure as the KCCA president. We believe Chunming will continue to help and serve the local Chinese community after his departure from the president role.

Mr. Dressler has been on the KCCA board since the beginning of 2014. He moved to Kansas city in 2013 from Florida to pursue an insurance business position which he is passionate about. Besides the work in the insurance business, over the past 2 years, James had also done a tremendous job as a volunteer and advocator in KCCA and the Chinese community here in Kansas City. He has demonstrated great leadership skills and has brought his strong enthusiasm to the community.

During this time, Mr. Ma is working with Mr. Dressler and the board to make the transition. Starting from 2/15/2015, Chunming will leave the president position along with with James Dressler's resuming the position. There will be a brief ceremony held at the KCCA new year celebration in the evening of 2/14/2015.

Please join us to congratulate Mr. Dressler for his new role with KCCA and wish him a good luck in this position!

KCCA board of directors
Feb. 2015