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ZTE looks for mobile device testers

Steps to participate in the ZTE friendly user trial:
  1. Become a friendly user of ZTE: Send an email to the ZTE FUT mailbox (fut@zte.com.cn) or leave a message on our FACEBOOK (ZTE FUT trail) to tell us you want be a ZTE friendly user.
  2. Fill out an application form and send it back to us: The Information gathered, will help us to build your user profile and background information. This information will be used for internal research purposes only.
  3. If you are selected (*a selection based on user¡¯s working background), you will become a ZTE friendly user. ZTE will send you an invitation concerning participation in the Friendly User Trial (FUT) when our new model¡¯s become available.
    • The invitation includes a brief introduction of our new handset¡¯s that will be tested in the following weeks. (*usually about 4 weeks and cellular service cost provided by operator)
    • A basic user guide.
  4. If you accept the invitation, you will be required to sign a "Non Disclosure and Sample Phone Return" agreement before we send the sample to you.
  5. During the trial, please send feedback to us about your feelings and experience¡¯s while using our phone. Please immediately report to us any inconviences and error¡¯s that you encounter. We highly value and welcome any suggestions that you may have. They are extremely important to us as they help us bring you better products and services.

  • If the handset does not interest you at this time, this is not an issue, we will keep you updated concerning other products in the future that you may be interested in next time.
  • The sample handset may contain a pre-installed application to capture system logs, these logs will only be used for internal debugging purposes.
  • * For sure information security, ZTE will not choose who worked in mobile phone manufacturer and related industry as friendly user, thanks for your comprehension.
  • The period is not fixed, it depends on