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Mr. David Henry Hwang, Tony winning writer,
Is coming to Kansas!

KCCA邀请您参加第三十一届威廉 - 英格戏剧节。 威廉 - 英格戏剧节是美国最优秀的剧作家和戏剧艺术家的为期4天的庆祝活动。详情请查附件

黄哲伦,美国最富有活力和多才多艺的剧作家之一,将于周六, 2012年4月21日, 出席为期四天的独立社区学院的威廉 - 英格剧院威廉 - 英格戏剧节。附:黄哲伦简介

For three decades some of the nation's brightest stars have met in William Inge's hometown to celebrate the best in American theatre. From April 18-21, Tony winning writer David Henry Hwang will be in Independence, Kansas. Please check out the event website at http://ingecenter.org/. The William Inge Theatre Festival is a four day celebration of America's finest playwrights and theatre artists. Since 1982, the Inge Festival has honored our country's greatest playwrights—these include Arthur Miller, Neil Simon, and now, David Henry Hwang. Click here to learn more about Mr. David Henry Hwang.