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KCCA "March Wind" Project



3月3号下午, 周六,KUMC的的学生和KCCA社区服务委员王亚琼带领一组学生 - 朱迪,陈子昭,马天熠,Mindy Liu,Kevin Man ,访问了王老太太的家,揭开KCCA"三月风"活动的序幕。"三月风"活动是KCCA推出的倡议年轻人关心老年人的一项活动。


经过两个小时的工作,孩子们收集了27袋树叶, 院子也看上去更加清洁和美丽。王老太太赞赏孩子们的辛勤工作,孩子们也很高兴能够为社区服务。

如果您想您的孩子参加以后的KCCA社区服务活动,或希望成为KCCA的志愿者,请发送电子邮件给我们, 我们的邮件地址是kccaboardofdirectors@gmail.com



On Saturday afternoon, 3/3/2012, a group of students - Gavin Zhu, Alice Chen, Tony Ma, Mindy Liu, Kevin Man - led by Yaqiong Wang, a KUMC PHD student and KCCA Community Service Committee member, visited Mrs. Wang's home to kick off the KCCA March Wind Project. The March Wind Project is an initiative launched by KCCA to get young people to care for seniors in our community.

It was a little windy and chilly, but all the kids were excited about being able to participate in this event. The students spent two hours collecting leaves in Mrs. Wang’s yard. While the children took a break, Yaqiong shared a story about how Chinese culture has always respected senior persons, especially parents and grandparents.

After two hours of work, there were 27 bags of leaves collected and the yard looked much cleaner. Mrs. Wang appreciated the hard work the kids had done, and the kids were happy to contribute to the community.

If you want your kids to be involved in a future KCCA-sponsored community service event or want to be a volunteer for a future KCCA event yourself, please send an email to us at kccaboardofdirectors@gmail.com.

We are looking forward to working with you in the near future!

KCCA Board of Directors