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Dragon Boat Festival Report

1. Xi'an Delegation
The Xi'an delegation will have 8 people to come to Kansas City for the Dragon Boat Festival. Besides participating the dragon boat race, the delegation will also meet with sister-city committee to dicuss future possibilities on co-opearation on 3 international sports events held in Xi'an;
1.1. City-Wall International Marathon held each year on first Sunday of November,
1.2. Racing-boat competition by two best universities in Xi'an,seeking teams from Kansas City to join;.
1.3. Bicycle-racing around Chinese highways (Xi'an is chosen as the permanent starting city)

2. Team of Mayor
Every year, the festival brings surprises. This year, Kansas City Mayor Sylvester James has confirmed he will be the Drummer keeping time in a City of Kansas City-staffed Dragon Boat. The Kansas City team will race in an exhibition against a team visiting that weekend from our Sister City Xi'an, China, along with their city dignitaries.

3. Team of the schools
In addition to the City of Kansas City and the City of Xi'an Parks and Recreation teams, currently teams have registered from the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Johnson County Community College, the Kansas City Art Institute and three from the University of Missouri at Kansas City.

4. Schedule
9:30 am - 10:00 am Mini Dragon Parades
10:00 am Opening Ceremony
10:15 am Official City welcome our Sister City Xi'an delegation
10:30 am Dragon Boat Races Begin
10:30 am - 1:00 pm Entertainment
- Lion Dances, Folk Dances, Children's Activities, T-Shirt and Souvenir Booths, Food Booth
1:30 pm Xi'an versus KC Special Race
2:30 pm Closing Ceremony
- Award Trophies and Scholarships

5. Scholarship
另一个振奋人心的消息, 对华友好协会理事会已经于日前批准了关于颁发给获奖团队的提议, 在龙舟竞渡比赛中获得第一名的学校将得到奖学金1500美元, 第二名将得到1000美元, 第三名将获得500美元. 奖金将颁发给获奖龙舟队所属学校的国际学生办公室专门用于资助中美交换生和学术交流项目.
Exciting news, the Socity board had just approved the proposal to issue three Scholarship to the first three winning teams. As a result, the 1st place will receive $1500, the 2nd place will receive $1000 and the 3rd place will get $500. The Scholarship will be giving to the winner of the College teams to the International department of the winning team's school. Promote exchange program between US and China.

6. Photograph Contest
大家好!一年一度的龙舟节已经拉开序幕,在这次活动中请大家一定要记住带上一部好相机,随时捕捉精彩的活动画面哦。因为接下来我们将举办摄影作品大赛!在这次龙舟节中捕捉的摄影作品要能充分体现到“团结协作”的中华文化精神。我们将设置一等奖1名,奖金为100美金;二等奖2名,奖金为50美金;三等奖3名,奖金为20美金。活动限于KCCA的会员和所有参加龙舟竞渡的所属学校和组织的成员,欢迎大家踊跃参加,说不定惊喜就属于你哦?!关于作品收取的方法和截至日期请查询: http://www.dragonboatkc.org/photocontest.html
Hello, everyone! The annual Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner. We are here to annouce the Dragon Boat Festivel Photograph Contest. Please be sure to bring a good camera on 6/9 to capture the exciting moment during the event. The theme is to promote "unity and cooperation" of the spirit of Chinese culture. The first place will get a prize of $100 and the second prize will receive a prize of $50 with the 3 third place to receive $20 as the prize.Please note this contest is open to the KCCA members as well as all the participating schools and orgazations' members, Please come to join us to win the prizes. For detail, please visit http://www.dragonboatkc.org/photocontest.html