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2012 Chinese New Year Celebration Highlights


  • MCs - KCTV5 reporter Boyen Lee 今年的春晚您将欣赏到堪城电视5台的专业女主播Bonyen Lee等三位嘉宾为您主持的节目。Bonyen Lee was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo., and is happy to be living and working in her hometown. Bonyen is a first generation Chinese-American. She is proud to live in Kansas City with her husband, Drew Gilmore. Click here to read more about Bonyen Lee.
  • Professional performers 专业的演员为您呈现专业的节目。
  • Diversity programs - Dance, vocal, band, comedy show 节目内容更加多样化,包括舞蹈,声乐,乐队,相声等。
  • Dragon dance 新近排练的舞龙表演,龙年抖擞龙精神!
2012 Chinese New Year Celebration is sponsored by ZTE, Edgar Snow Memorial foundation, The Society of Friendship with China, The Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater Kansas City Area, Perfect Tutors, Culture Essentials, LLC , Sun Marble, 888 International Market, Hos Market; Gift cards for lucky draw will be provided by Sun Marble, Culture Essentials, NANA Hair and Beauty Salon, BoLings, Joywok, New Peking, China Garden, and many other vendors.