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KCCA 2012 Chinese New Year Celebration


晚会首先在兰德体育馆内举行了短暂的宴会, 虽然天气寒冷, 人们还是从四面八方匆匆赶来. 热情洋溢的节日气氛驱散了丝丝寒意,很快诺大的篮球场内就坐满了欢声笑语的人们. 来自中兴通讯, 对华友好协会, 斯诺基金会, 堪萨斯大学以及众多关心, 支持和帮助联络网的新老朋友们欢聚一堂. 在宴会上, 大家回顾了过去, 并对新的一年充满了期待.

晚餐后人们兴致勃勃的步入贝尔文化中心大厅开始欣赏文艺节目。演出在热闹喧天的锣鼓声中拉开帷幕,由堪城鼓龙狮队与张丽舞蹈学校联合推出的舞狮与舞蹈表演组合“祥狮现瑞,百童迎春, 彩船送喜和神龙纳福”立即吸引了所有观众的关注, 场面壮观,引得掌声不断,喝彩声连连. 由来自堪城电视五台的专业女主播Bonyen Lee, 来自Black & Veatch的Erlinda女士,以及来自UMKC法学院的杨寒青先生组成的主持人团队宣布了晚会的开始,联络网主席马春鸣先生上台作了简短的发言,恭祝大家新春快乐,龙年大吉。随后演员们热情表演了以乐器,二重唱,相声,舞蹈,歌曲等多钟形式的精彩节目博得了观众们此起彼伏的掌声,一次次的将晚会的气氛推到了高潮。特别值得一提的是节目中穿插的由来自中兴通讯的负责人李秉玺先生在下半场颁发了现场抽奖的特等奖-ZTE Warp手机,来自阳光大理石的游益民先生颁发了两个大理石桌面奖,KCCA颁发了iJuke Box以及多个中国餐馆,商店,美容机构提供的各种奖品和礼券更是为整场晚会助兴添彩。

本晚会由中兴通讯阳光大理石公司, 对华友好协会斯诺基金会,堪萨斯医学院中国学生学者联谊会,堪萨斯大学中国学生学者联谊会清华校友会 , 888国际超市, 和兴超市联合赞助.

本晚会展台由中兴通讯, PerfectTutors, CultureEssential, Performance Group, KCCA等提供.

阳光大理石公司, 中兴通讯, 娜娜美容美发, KCCA, 888国际超市, China Tom, China Garden, Joywok, 和兴超市, New Bejing, Bo Lings.

KCCA hosted 2012 Chinese New Year Celebration event in the evening of 1/21/2012 at MidAmerican Nazarene University's Bell Cultural Center. The pre-show banquet was held in Land Gym which is just minutes away from Bell center. Although it was a little bit chilly, people still rushed in from all over the places and the basketball court immediately filled with the laughter’s. The friends From ZTE, The Society of Friendship with China, Edgar Snow Memorial Foundation, KUMC-CSSA, KU-CSSFA, along with a lot of new and old friends of KCCA, who gathered together in the gym. The attendees shared the personal stories and expected the futures.

Performance was held immediately after the dinner at 7:00pm. The opening ceremony was launched by the Kansas City Drum Roller and Lily Taylor Dance Academy with a series of dance, drum performances. Then the MCs from KCTV-5 anchor and reporter Ms. Bonyen Lee, Ms. Erlinda from Black & Veatch, and Mr. Yang Hanqing from UMKC Law School announced the opening of the show. KCCA president Chunming Ma delivered the New Year greetings to the audience. Then the performers performed the variety show which included musical instrument, duet, comedy, dance, vocal and many, many more. Every piece of performance has been carefully directed, also won the audience's applause. Also, Mr. Brad Li from ZTE made the first draw during the show and awarded a ZTE Warp phone to the first winner. Mr. You, the owner of Sun Marble drew two other winners who were given two marble table top. Then KCCA board of directors made the rest of the lucky drawings. Ms Kuo Ming Xiang also awarded the certificate to the Art Contest Winners.

Special thanks to the following sponsors and friends -
2012 Chinese New Year Celebration is co-sponsored by ZTE, Sun Marble, The Society of Friendship with China, Edgar Snow Memorial foundation, KUMC-CSSA, KU-CSSFA, The Tsinghua Alumni Association of Greater Kansas City Area, 888 International Market, Hos Market;

The pre-show booth exhibitions are provided by ZTE, Perfect Tutors, Culture Essential, Performance Group, and KCCA.

The lucky draw gift and gift cards are provided by (ordered by the overall value of the gift/card): Sun Marble, ZTE, NANA Hair and Beauty Salon, KCCA, 888 International Market, China Tom, China Garden, Joywok, Hos Market, New Bejing and Bo Lings.

The performances were provided by :Lily Zhangli Taylor Dance School, Drum Roller, Loudenitch Academy of Music & Arts, Kansas City Chinese Youth Orchestra, Silk Road Dance Academy, KUMC-CSSA Band, Students of Master Chunman Sit, Minyi’s Gu Zheng School, KU-CSSFA, Family Blessed World Children. Xiaoya Wu, Xiang Chen, Steve & Ian Kinsella, Director Lin Xu Wang.