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Memorial Day Weekend Picnic
KCCA "Go Family Go" Series - "Go Flying Kites and Cookout"


堪城华人联络网组织的的家庭休闲体育及社交系列活动的第一站---"放风筝比赛及野餐会"于5月28日如期举行。大约40多个成人和儿童如约来到遗产公园。尽管天气有一些阴沉, 其间还下了蒙蒙小雨,但是大家在一起品尝了烧烤,分享了快乐,度过了一个难忘的午后。大家都期待着下一次的相聚。

On 5/28 between 10:00am to 3:00pm, KCCA hosted the "Go family go" pinic in Heritage Park Shelter #7. There were about 40 adults and chirdren showed up to the event. One of the attendees said: "Talking about the weather, It was obviously not a perfect day to have a picnic but the party was so well organized and it could not be done better. As a friend of KCCA, we are definetely expecting KCCA to host more events like this so everyone can come and enjoy it.".