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Free Immigration Seminar
KCCA 诚请您参加我们的免费移民问题讲座。Jonathan Willmoth 和Geoffrey Willmoth 律师届时将会解答关于移民和签证的问题。请告知您的家人、同事和朋友并邀请他们来参加我们的讲座。讲座中我们会提供中文翻译。具体的时间地点如下:
主题:  签证和移民
主讲人:  Jonathan Willmoth律师, Geoffrey Willmoth 律师
日期:  四月十日,星期天
时间:  下午1:00– 3:30
地点:  Olathe Public Library Indian Creek Branch
  12990 South Black bob Road, Olathe, KS 66062
  (913) 971-5235
安排:  1. 美国当前移民法和情况概要
  2. 签证和移民问题 (H1B, 绿卡,EB5等)
  3. 提问和解答

Jonathan Willmoth律师专注于移民法的执业多年。Jonathan已经为客户代理了各个方面的移民案件,包括以商业和雇佣关系为基础的各种移民和非移民签证,劳工部审查程序,研究人员的移民申请,以及各种移民案件在联邦和行政法庭的出庭代理。Jonathan还为大、中和小型的企业提供雇员方面的移民法问题的代理,包括I-9审计和计划、H-1B签证程序、及相关的备案记录要求。Jonathan经常为各种组织进行移民法讲座,包括美国移民律师协会的会议。

Geoffrey Willmoth 律师当前主要办理各种以雇佣和家庭关系为基础的移民案件。他有丰富的州和行政法庭的出庭经验,并且经常代理上诉案件。自加入Willmoth Immigration, LLC以来,他为客户代理了出色研究者(Outstanding Researcher) 移民案例,移民局面试,以及各种案件的上诉。

更多信息请参见他们的网站: http://www.willmothlaw.com/.

KCCA welcomes you to join us for a free Immigration seminar; Attorney Jonathan Willmoth and Geoffrey Willmoth will answer all your questions about immigration and Visa. Chinese translation will be provided at the seminar. Please share this news with your friends, coworkers and family members and come to join us.
Topic:  Immigration and Visa
Speaker:  Attorney, Geoffrey Willmoth and Jonathan Willmoth
Date:  April 10th Sunday
Time:  1:00PM - 3:30PM
Place:  Olathe Public Library Indian Creek Branch
  12990 South Black bob Road, Olathe, KS 66062
  (913) 971-5235
Schedule:  1. Presentation of current U.S. immigration status and law
  2. Visas and immigration to US (H1B, Green Card and EB5, etc.)
  3. Q&A
Attorney Jonathan Willmoth and Geoffrey Willmoth's Bio:

Jonathan Willmoth, attorney and owner of Willmoth Immigration Law, LLC, has been practicing exclusively immigration law since 2002. Mr. Willmoth has represented clients in all areas of immigration law, including business-based non-immigrant and immigrant visas, labor certifications, and researcher petitions, as well as litigating issues related to those petitions before both administrative agencies and the federal courts. Mr. Willmoth also has experience assisting companies both small and large in complying with employment verification regulations, including I-9 audit plans and proper H-1B and Labor Certification notice and document retention requirements. Mr. Willmoth is a frequent presenter at American Immigration Lawyer Association (AILA) CLEs, including the AILA Annual Conference attended each year by thousands of active immigration attorneys.

Geoffrey Willmoth, attorney at Willmoth Immigration Law, LLC, currently focuses his practice on various aspects of employment and family-based immigration law. He has been practicing law for 6 years and has extensive experience handling court and administrative hearings and with the appeals process. Since joining Willmoth Immigration Law, he has assisted clients on outstanding researcher cases, with interviews before the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and with appeals on issues ranging from cancellation of removal to political asylum.

For more information please visit the website: http://www.willmothlaw.com/.