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2011 Chinese New Year Celebration


More pictures taken by H. Ren
More pictures taken by Steve Thompson
More pictures taken by Kyle Huang


一月二十二号,周六,道路两旁还堆积着几天前的降雪,地面流淌着融化了的雪水,天气有点雪后寒冷。堪城华人联络网的春节联欢晚会定于晚上七点开始。演出开始前的两个小时是聚餐――一个对于我们海外华人来说永远不够的主题. 达贝尔文化中心的大厅灯火通明,铺着红色桌纸的十几张大圆桌、桌上的彩色气球、干花以及大厅四周的各种挂饰把大厅装点得绚丽多彩。晚餐是由号称堪城川菜No.1的川王府准备的。五点多钟,川王府送来了晚餐。一时间,几十个菜肴把整个大厅塞满了川菜的香味儿。不知到其它来宾如何评价川王府厨师的手艺,我和几个朋友的体会是味道好极了,不仅种类齐全,味道正宗,价格公道,量还足。喜欢川菜的朋友一定要去尝一尝噢。

文艺演出紧接在晚餐后举行。演出包括舞蹈,歌曲等多钟形式。每一个节目都是精心编导,也都得了观众们的阵阵掌声。穿插在节目间隙的抽奖更是调动来宾们的热情。在晚会的中间,华人联络网的前任会长薛鹏峰还回顾了2010年的工作,并介绍了华人联络网的新主席马春鸣先生。马春鸣表示华人联络网将一如既往的为堪城华人服务,促进华人社区的繁荣和发展, 并展望了2011年联络网将要组织的活动。之后是下半场,下半场的节目也同样精彩。晚会最后抽取了一等奖和二等奖的得主。

On January 22, 2011 at the Bell Cultural Events Center at MidAmerica Nazarene University in Olathe, KS, the Kansas City Chinese Association celebrated the Chinese new year and the coming year of the rabbit. Festivities included authentic Sichuan cuisine provided by Chuan Wang Fu from Olathe and then a night of musical and dance routines performed by talented children and adults in the Kansas City Chinese community.

KCCA was happy to kick off 2011’s new year’s celebration with an authentic Chinese meal. As everybody knows, one cannot have a proper ringing in of the Chinese new year without a large feast! The spices and flavors of the meal made everyone feel as though they were in the Middle Kingdom.

After the dinner, the hundreds of guests filled into the auditorium for the new year’s variety show.

The performances kicked off with a rousing drum performance by the Kansas City Chinese Drum Rollers. That was followed by an unbelievably cute red ribbon dance featuring young dancers from the Lily Zhangli Taylor Dance School.

Former president Daniel Xue gave a few words thanking everyone in attendance. Mr. Xue welcomed incoming president Chunming Ma. Mr. Ma then spoke about being in his new position and the ambitious plans he has for KCCA.

Following the words of the president, the guests were treated to several musical and theatrical performances:
  • Piano solo of “Liu Yang River” from Yuntian Liu from the Ioudenitch Music Academy.
  • Piano/violin rendition of “Jasmine Flower” from Yuntian Liu and Maria Ioudenitch.
  • “Handkerchief dance” from the Silk Road Dance Academy choreographed by Lily Zhangli Taylor.
  • Singing of “Climbing Moon” by Dong Li, Erdong, Chen, and Jiahao Yu.
  • “Chopsticks Dance” by the HK Dance Group choreographed by HoiKei Ho
  • Youth orchestra rendition of “Descendants of the Dragon” by Lucy Li, Alex Wang, Shulamite Lim, Michael Zhu, Jasmine Deng, Rachel Li Helen Peng, Teddy Tan, Elizabeth Liu, Luke Chen, Jack Chen, Kevin Xu, Mykell Ma, Angela Jiang directed by Lubomira Paskaleva-Kulzer.
  • Dance solo of “Dream of the Butterfly” by Lili Zhangli Taylor.
  • “Six Elbows Southern Kungfu” and “Golden Phoenix Fan Kungfu” by students of master Chunman Sit.
  • Vocal performance of “Moonlight over the Lotus Pond” by Na Liu, Vivien Bai, and Lin Xu
  • Dance performance of “The Avalanche of Grassland” by the Lily Zhangli Taylor Dance School.
  • String performance of “Everlasting Friendship” by TJMK String Quartet.
  • “Girls from Spain” dance performance by the Silk Road Dance Academy choreographed by Lily Zhangli Taylor.
  • Choral performance of “Let Us Spread the Love” by youth performers.
In addition to all of these great performances, there was a raffle where many prizes were awarded. The top prize was an Amazon Kindle, second prize a pressure cooker from Ho's super market, and third prize a gift certificate to China Garden. Dozens of smaller prizes were given throughout the night.

It was a wonderful evening and we want to thank everybody who attended and who helped organize the festivities.

We hope to see you again next year!