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2012 Chinese New Year Celebration
Program Audition Announcement

  • 男女主持人各一位,最好是有主持的经验。
  • 语言类节目,如小品,相声,话剧,音乐剧等等。
  • 声乐类节目,人数不限。如男(女)声独唱,重唱,小组唱等等。种类不限,可以是民族,美声,流行。
报名即日开始到十一月三十号截止。请将您的姓名,联系电话,电子邮件地址和节目形式等相关信息用邮件发到 kccaboardofdirectors@gmail.com , 即时我们会跟您联系。面试将在十二月初进行,结果会在十二月中旬揭晓并通过电子邮件方式通知您。

电子邮件: johndoe@johndoe.com


Time flies so fast and it’s already November before you know it. To prepare for the celebration of Chinese New Year 2012, KCCA Entertainment Committee is planning for the program audition. In order to improve the quality of our performance, we would like those who are willing to come to our stage and show their talents to go through our audition process. We will have professional judges for our audition.

We are looking for following programs:
  • Masters of Ceremony - one female and one male. Prior similar experience is preferred but not required.
  • Language programs. For example, short skit, comic dialogs, modern stage play, or musicals.
  • Vocal programs such as male/female solo, duet, or group singing. It can be folk songs, bel canto, or popular music.
The application deadline is Nov. 30th and you can email your audition application to kccaboardofdirectors@gmail.com. Or you can call 913-271-7521 to submit the application. The audition will be scheduled in the beginning of Dec, and you will be notified with the result in the mid of Dec. So please come and join us to celebrate our holiday, and make our stage your stage!

KCCA Entertainment Committee