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Memorial Day Weekend Picnic Online Sale

5月底Memorial Day长周末你计划出远门吗?经济不好,油价太贵了,还是不出去了吧。那不是太无聊了吗?不一定阿。华人联络网联合清华堪城校友会欢迎您和您的家庭参加我们特地为您设计的大型家庭休闲体育及社交系列活动的第一站---放风筝比赛及野餐会。让我们相聚遗产公园,放风筝,赢奖品,吃美食,交朋友。活动内容丰富,请勿错过!无论您是退休在家的老人,还是幼儿园的儿童,这里都会给您带来欢乐和难忘的时光!



Jointly organized by Tsinghua KC Alumini Association and KCCA, the first of the KCCA "Go Family Go" Series - "Go Flying Kites and Cookout" event will be held in Heritage Park over the upcoming Memorial day weekend . Bring your kite and spend quality time with your family and Look forward to a fun day in the park with food, music, activities and lots of family fun! Order online now so that your fun is guranteed!

Event::  Go, Family Go – Go Flying Kites and Picnic
Date:  Saturday, May 28th, 2011
Time:  10am - 3pm
Place:  Heritage Park at Olathe (Shelter #7) map
Cost:  Online Reservation - $5 KCCA member (half price for children 10 years or younger)
  Online Reservation - $10 non-KCCA member (half price for children 10 years or younger)
  Walk Up on Site - $8 for KCCA member and $13 for non-KCCA member