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Successful Parenting Seminar

Dear Friends,

We only have one chance of parenting each of our kids - they grow up right before our eyes, and the burden is on us to get it right, before it is too late.

We were excited when Dr. Mike Summers, author and senior pastor of Countryside Church, offered to conduct a parenting seminar for us. We had the opportunities to visit Countryside Baptist Church a few times, and have always been amazed by the poise and manners of the children over there. Some of you may remember the Brian's, who have gracefully hosted a bon-fire for us; and Mr. Devon with his daughters who have played music for us at the event...they all have learned from Mike's teaching on parenting and highly recommend it.

So we are anxious to learn, we hope you do too! Don't miss this opportunity - come together with your spouse, and forward it to your friends and invite them to come as well!