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Drum Roller, Lili's dance school, KCCA

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On 7/17, Drum Roller, Lili's dance school, KCCA performed for a new non-profit kid variety show in downtown Kansas City, MO titled ¡°Whoop Dee Doo¡±.

The show is mainly focused on showing underserved youth a wide array of talent from within the Kansas City community.


Whoop Dee Doo is a kid-friendly faux public access television show featuring pre-planned performances accompanied by active audience participation. The show is based in Kansas City, Missouri, but has traveled and worked with arts organizations such as the Bemis Center for Contemporary Art in Omaha, Nebraska, Deitch Projects in New York, NY, Loyal Gallery in Malmo, Sweden, the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art In Kansas City, MO and The Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago.

Structured like a high school talent show, Whoop Dee Doo highlights a diverse array of performers from the community in which it temporarily resides in, and engages audiences of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Program components have also included skits, game shows, contests, and dance intermissions.

Whoop Dee Doo is based off and/or inspired by television shows such as The Carol Burnett Show, Pee Wee¡¯s Playhouse, Mr. Wizard, The Gong Show, American Bandstand, Sesame Street, Soul Train, Double Dare, Hee Haw, and You Can¡¯t Do that on Television.

Our performers ages have ranged from three years of age to sixty-five, and acts performing on the show itself have ranged from professional drill teams to opera singers, break-dancers, Celtic bagpipers, drag queens, punk bands, science teachers, tap dancers, and dog trainers. One of Whoop Dee Doo¡¯s main goals is to promote diversity in every show and display talent from all ages, backgrounds, cultures and ethnicities, often times collaborating. The unlikely combination of performances and bold set design creates a fantastically original experience.

Whoop Dee Doo has brought together hundreds of members of the community, and has a place for anyone and everyone to contribute. Because it is a kid-friendly show, Whoop Dee Doo embraces a huge range of tastes and sensibilities, which strips away all divisions between high and low art. Whoop Dee Doo is a truly inclusive event, it invites a cross-generational dialogue, and the project itself blurs the lines between curating, art-making, performance and community, without sacrificing content for the project to be made more accessible.

Whoop Dee Doo additionally often works with youth groups, and past collaborations have included programs such as Big Brother/Big Sister and Girls, Incorporated, where young people help us with set, prop and costume design, as well as being on the show to dance and/or perform.


¡°Whoop Dee Doo is a high energy amalgam of performance art, variety showcase, and absurdist theater. Featuring community groups, children's acts, and hip bands, the series is wide ranging and ever-inclusive, a truly democratic program that does not sink to the lowest common denominator. It is smart without being dull, hilarious but never schlocky. There is nothing else like it.¡±
Christopher Lew, Manager of Curatorial Affairs, P.S.1 Contemporary Arts Center, New York, NY

¡°The work I do ¡ª collaborating with artists to realize projects that engage the public ¡ª is thrilling because it demands inspiration from the artists, and myself, and that we pass that excitement and curiosity on to our audience. To cite a recent Bemis Center project, I think Whoop Dee Doo is madly inspired; it¡¯s a torqued up celebration of high and low culture by a group of artists totally off their rockers and beaming as an impossibly diverse set of performers gather together, producing an energy that compounds far beyond the expected sum of parts.¡±
The Reader, Hesse McGraw, Curator, Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, August 27, 2008

¡°WHOOP DEE DOO threw the best holiday party in Deitch Projects history. They are probably the only project we¡¯ve hosted who did everything completely themselves; built sets, created costumes, rallied performers, videotaped, choreographed and MC¡¯d a four-hour performance extravaganza. All we did was show up and enjoy the ride. It was the funnest, friendliest and wackiest art jamboree to have ever graced our gallery.¡±
Kathy Grayson, Gallery Director, Deitch Projects, New York, NY

¡°Whoop Dee Doo creates a radically safe space for creativity and joy ¨C a site where children and adults can mutually inspire each other to make art and affirm life. The unflappable inclusiveness of these Day-Glo-DIY performances is both rousing and profound. I can't wait for the next Whoop Dee Doo in NYC.¡±
Miriam Katz, Curatorial Fellow, The Kitchen/Editorial Researcher, Artforum, New York, NY

"As someone with very little prior knowledge of the Kansas City art community, seeing "Whoop Dee Doo" for the first time was a revelation. It was refreshing, positive, diverse, democratic, and had a sense of communal, DIY-ness that is increasingly rare. It would be a shame if "Whoop Dee Doo" could not continue and grow purely for financial reasons."
Lumi Tan, Director, Zach Feuer Gallery, New York, NY

¡°It was a great honor for the Urban Culture Project to host Whoop Dee Doo at our La Esquina venue. The shows drew an incredibly diverse audience, and featured an amazing diversity of participants. I see the potential for Whoop Dee Doo to influence other artists and cultural producers on a national level, and I am excited by the manner in which it represents the uniqueness of community in Kansas City. Whoop Dee Doo is an expansive, inclusive production that not only furthers Jaimie Warren¡¯s important artistic vision, but brings other artists and Kansas City talents along with her.¡±
Kate Hackman, Associate Director, Charlotte Street Foundation, Kansas City, MO

¡°Bringing Whoop Dee Doo's fantastic show to Sweden was one of the highlights in the gallery's history! Whoop Dee Doo is an active force that walks the talk. They immediately connected themselves and the gallery to the fabric of the city, achieving accessibility while maintaining the integrity of the show. Whoop Dee Doo performed on an outdoor stage to the general public and they completely transcended the language and cultural barriers, activating and captivating people of all ages and cultures. We were impressed with their onstage, on-the-spot knack for picking up on the best things in their surroundings and making the most out of it, and their ability to make the spontaneous actions of the crowd work into the greater framework of the Whoop Dee Doo concept. There was an incredible flow of ideas coming out of this gang from Kansas City. It was a pleasure to be a part of making this happen.¡±
Amy Giunta and Martin Lilja, Directors, LOYAL Gallery, Malmo, Sweden