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OTMS Multi-culture Event

On 9/29/09, Drum Roller and Jasmine dance team presented the traditional Chinese drum as well as red ribbon dance to about 300 audience who attended a multi-culture events held in Blue Valley school district in OTMs. Please check the comments Nancy Allen, the event organizer, posted.

From Nancy Allen: Those of us who were there are still on a cultural high this morning!! I think the evening was perfect. Even though Rotary went to OMS first, the pizza (20 more added at the last minute) arrived in plenty of time and was delicious. Please pass our gratitude to these amazingly generous men who give so much and are so gracious in every way. We so appreciate their not only buying and delivering pizza, but also serving to so many for so long. What a blessing they are to this event.

  1. Many, many adults and children dressed in traditional clothing to proudly represent their native countries. It was most certainly a "KODAK" moment. The children of course stole the show, but I was heartened by the beauty and diversity of the many adults including men, dads and grandparents, who wore native dress. It was so fun talking to them about fashion in their countries.
  2. Thanks to all who helped students set up cultural booths and community. The displays truly represented the cultural diversity of our district. A special thanks to Janet, Jill- multicultural movie, Sue E.-Korea, Gwen-China, Regie-French and Courtney-Vietnam for all the added work of setting up, tearing down, coordinating with families and working with students in class to create the booths.
  3. A special thanks to Daniel Xue who help coordinate the Chinese entertainment and man the Parent to Parent booth, to Norma O'Neil and her guitarist, Hector Aguirre, and to dancers Edward Lam and Emerald Liu for outstanding entertainment.
  4. The fashion show was awesome; the organization worked well, I thought, and some people felt comfortable speaking into the mic. One who stood out to me was Sebastian Hernandez who represented Poland, his birth country. He told me afterward that he was a little nervous!
  5. Supplies: they ALL the pizza, fruit, cookies (there may have been a few apples left over) they used ALL the plates, cups and most of the napkins.
  6. We ran out of seating and Trevor, bless his heart, began rounding up more tables and chairs from every end and corner of OTMS and still some people stood.
  7. Including volunteers about 350 people attended this event.
  8. Last, but foremost the custodial staff at OTMS made this so easy for Ronda, Gwen and I and deserve the biggest thanks of all. They are so helpful, so positive, so wonderful, I can't even find the superlative words except MANY THANKS which feels totally inadequate.

Many thanks to so many who volunteered their time to make this Multicultural Festival the best ever. It will be hard to top this one next year, but with everyone's help we will give it our best. Sue Denny's suggestion for next year's theme: Around the World.

For now I want to relish in last night's moment for a while!