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2007 Mid-moon Picnic

堪萨斯城中国人联络网于2007年9月22日在奥佛兰克市社区公园组织了中秋野餐会。二百多家庭约三百多人相聚在秋高气爽和亲情、友情的氛围里, 享受着美好的阳光, 多彩的秋叶, 清新的秋凉和温馨的友爱。

在六号棚处, 除了今年中国人联络网专门为孩子们租来了游乐活动”气”械, 不知道累的儿童们兴奋地不停地玩耍, 正好给了父母们一个轻松休闲地好时侯。孩子们持着各色的气球欢快地奔跑追逐, 给绿色草地增添了跃动的生机。

九号棚里, 长青腾俱乐部成员今天格外精神, 平日活动时哪见到这许多不同年龄的团队?

在十号棚, 除了有一盒盒圆圆的月饼, 更有平日操劳的人们与朋友们甜甜地相会。今天可真是个轻松惬意的好时光! 加上联络网为大家准备了美味的盒饭, 鸭汤, 所有的参加者都无不称赞今年联络网工作人员的精心安排, 热心服务和丰盛晚餐。

On Sept. 22nd, KCCNA organized the mid-moon festival celebration in Heritage Park close to 159th ST between Blackbob and Pflumn. More than 200 families, 300 people joined to the celebration under the shining sunlight and colorful autumn leaves.

To benefits the members, we not only added $3 for each dinner box we provided to the members but also rent the air float toys for the kids. We also prepared crafts, balloons as well as other games for the children. Besides that, members also enjoyed the discounted moon cake and “ba he” game; one shelter also dedicated to the evergreen club for elder members.

Everyone enjoyed the festival. And the whole event was successfully ended with the face painting for kids.